UK pledges £1bn to help tackle AIDS, TB, malaria

The United Kingdom has donated £1 billion to the Global Fund to help fight tuberculosis, malaria and AIDS over the next three years.

The UK’s Secretary of State for International Development, Justine Greening, announced the contribution of £333 million per year for the 2014 – 2016 period, making the pledge the second-largest by any government so far.

“This commitment will underlie a transformative step forward for the Global Fund and partners in their ‎fight to defeat AIDS, TB and malaria.

“The UK gives us all an inspiring model of responsible global citizenship.”

Dr. Nafsiah Mboi, Chair of the Board of the Global Fund.

Dr. Nafsiah Mboi has thanked Prime Minister David Cameron for his “long-term vision” and Secretary Greening for her “unwavering support”.

The UK’s efforts to end extreme poverty are led by the Department for International Development, who has championed the cause of helping to halve malaria deaths in 10 of the worst affected countries by 2015. It has also been a strong advocate of the launch this year of a new funding model that allows the Global Fund to invest more strategically, achieve greater impact and engage partners more effectively.

The UK has helped to immunize over 55 million children against preventable diseases and has helped to save the lives of 50, 000 women in pregnancy and childbirth.




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