blockchain initiative helps people claim rights to data

Safeguarding personal information, such as patient records, is the focus of a new blockchain initiative by human data firm

The company has launched #My31, which will use IBM’s blockchainaw platform to help people to claim the property rights to their data. The technology allows digital information to be distributed but not copied, which is critical to maintain privacy.

Blockchain is an incorruptible, hacker-proof digital ledger that can be applied to any information that is deemed of value. As the data is not stored in a single location, it remains public and can be easily verified. Information is hosted by millions of computers simultaneously.’s ethos is based around stopping the misuse of personal information, which is worth approximately $150-$200 billion a year, through introducing transparency.

The firm uses a blockchain network so that users can be in charge of their personal information by allowing them to manage access and to introduce permissions so that they are in full control of data. This enables organisations and individuals to interact in a more transparent manner.

Through’s iPhone and Android app #My31, consumers can claim their data property rights and will receive a title of ownership that is similar to a property deed.

Starting with healthcare data, the app will give users the ability to decide how their personal data is shared, including by whom, and the circumstances under which access is allowed.

Individuals can elect to share information with third parties or provide consent for certain pharmaceutical research, for example. Data can be leased to researchers for a payment.

Information is not held by but remains wherever it is stored, such as in a hospital database or with another type of organisation, such as a research company.

Richie Etwaru, founder and CEO at, said, “By creating a global consent ledger built on the IBM Blockchain Platform, people, corporations, and the monetisation of human data can co-exist sustainably.

“People will enjoy greater levels of security, privacy, and control while corporations will be able to lawfully benefit from access to higher quality data that has the explicit consent and authorisation of its rightful owner.”


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