Emerging markets make up 20 – 30% of pharma companies’ profits

Hannah Blake


The emerging markets of Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) are now responsible for 20 – 30% of pharmaceutical companies’ profits, according to a new report.

Five years ago, emerging markets only made up 5% of the profits of pharma companies. However today, the profit share has risen to between 20 – 30% – a huge increase showing the success of the improving commercial performance from each of the emerging market countries.

The report outlines how getting the relationship right between these BRIC healthcare markets and pharmaceutical manufacturers depends very much on the local market and is critical for success. For example, with China already projected to become a global top tier pharma market, Cegedim experts believe it is imperative for companies to maintain a flexible business strategy accompanied by a diverse product portfolio.

The report, released today by Cegedim Relationship Management, comes from a thought leadership white paper, Emerging Markets Today and Tomorrow: Insights on Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals and Further Trends in the BRIC Landscape, which highlights first-hand market insights from experts in these emerging market countries.


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