Temperature Maintenance of Biopharmaceuticals in Distribution 2018

14/03/2018 - 15/03/2018

‘Providing a holistic approach to temperature controlled shipping to help address transportation obstacles and regulatory compliance’

After an incredibly successful Temperature Maintenance of Biopharmaceuticals in Distribution event, we are excited to announce the event programme for this year’s event!

Our 2017 programme provided a holistic approach to temperature controlled shipments whilst also addressing transportation obstacles and regulatory compliance. Topics included transportation, GDP compliance, qualification systems and case studies from both cold chain and ambient product perspectives.

Whether you are from a small biotech or a large pharma company this event is the perfect platform to share challenges, network with over 400 industry peers and hear informative case studies.


2018 Agenda Highlights:

  • Opening Keynote: Discovering Boehringer Ingelheim’s past journey and future ambitions in temperature monitoring
  • Collaborative Panel Discussion: Using Local Distribution Agents Whilst Evaluating the Potential for Shared Risk and Reimbursement
  • Understanding Measures Taken By Airlines to Ensure the Integrity of Products During Transportation to Limit Temperature Excursions
  • Case study: The Hacking Age and the Need for Cyber Security to Avoid Logistical Disasters


2018 Key Speakers:

  • Chris Wallace, Senior Director, International Supply Chain Operations, Genzyme
  • Clemens Twardy, Head of Logistics, Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Francisco Rizzuto, Cargo Specialist, IATA
  • Sven Sachsse, Transport Expert – Supplier Qualification, Bayer
  • Nicola Caristo, Pharma Audit and Compliance Manager, ALHA Group
  • Marc Sotty, Studies and Distribution Head, Sanofi