Rational Combinations 360°

28/06/2017 - 29/06/2017
The New York Academy of Medicine, New York, USA

The Conference Forum is delighted to present the 2nd annual Rational Combinations 360°, the only event addressing business aspects, novel clinical trial designs and scientific developments for combination immunotherapies.

With promising cancer immunotherapies in the clinic and an encouraging pipeline of new targets being developed, additional discoveries are now under way to determine the most effective rational combinations that are personalized for individual patients and for specific tumor types. Increased emphasis on prioritizing combinations will be crucial for decision-making. Both small and large companies are now racing to bring game-changing combination therapies to the market. As a result, novel therapies and innovative trial designs are creating increased momentum for investment/business development opportunities.

Designed by lead advisors Dr Axel Hoos (GSK), Dr Patrick Hwu (MD Anderson) and Dr Ian McCaffery (Corvus Pharmaceuticals), Rational Combinations 360° provides the most up-to-date progress on combination developments from business aspects, clinical advancements and scientific data that will help prioritize the best cancer treatments for individual patients and tumor types.

The Rational Combinations 360° event delved into key areas including:

  • Derisking of Combination Immunotherapies
  • Clinical Combination Immunotherapies
  • Immuno Resistance – Drivers for Combination Therapy
  • Novel Technologies and Emerging Biomarkers
  • Clinical Manifestations of Immunological Toxicities
  • Business Aspects for Combination Immunotherapy

If you would like to participate in the 2nd annual Rational Combinations 360° program, contact us at service@tcfllc.org.

Thanks and we look forward to seeing you in June.