Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying Technology

13/06/2018 - 14/06/2018
London, UK

SMi Group are delighted to announce the 6th annual Pharmaceutical Freeze Drying Technology conference, being held this June 2018! The final brochure has been released, download it now.

Although an old process, pharmaceutical freeze drying is ever evolving with new trends and approaches being used for pharmaceutical formulation. In it’s The 6th year, the conference will cover the most recent advances in Freeze drying technology and discuss the latest ideas in the industry. It is the perfect platform to strengthen knowledge in key principles such as PAT and QbD, whilst staying at the forefront of technological breakthroughs to adapt to growing manufacturing demands.

Join us in June to explore new approaches to prediction and analysis, alternative freeze drying technologies and overcome the challenges of freeze drying technology.

Gathering a room of Senior Scientists and Heads of Pharmaceutical Engineering, the 6th annual show provides an ideal forum to discuss the latest advancements in pharmaceutical lyophilisation, welcoming regulatory guidance from the NIBSC-MHRA and expertise from the likes of Sanofi, Boehringer Ingelheim, Janssen, GSK and more!

Just take a look at the new agenda for 2018 to see who you can hear from!

Network and Benefit From Industry Experts:

[CHAIR] Sune Klint Anderson, Principal Scientist, Janssen

– Paul Matejtschuk, Principal Scientist, NIBSC – MHRA

– Mostafa Nakach, Head of Pharmaceutical Engineering, Sanofi

– Erwan Bourles, Expert Scientist, Head Filling Drying Device, GlaxoSmithKline

– Miguela Vieru, Senior Scientist, Janssen

– Eric Munson, Patrick Deluca Endowed Professor of Pharmaceutical Technology, University of Kentucky

– Patrick Garidel, Bioprocess and Pharmaceutical Development Biologicals, Boehringer Ingelheim

– Daryl Williams, Reader in Particle Science, Imperial College London

Featured Highlights this June:

– Discuss the use of old and new methods in terms of the optimisation of freeze drying cycles

– Learn about case studies which delve into the processes through which cycles can be refined to the utmost efficiency

– Hear about a new PAT for freeze drying cycle development through vial impedance spectroscopy

– Discover ways in which water activity measurement and mathematical modelling can be used to evaluate the stability of freeze dried vaccines

– Evaluate quality-by-design strategies, applied to spray drying, versus lyophilisation

PLUS: Don’t forget to check out the two post conference interactive workshops taking place on 12th June.

WORKSHOP A | 08.30 – 12.30
From Physical Properties to Lyophilised Product

Led by: Paul Matejtschuk, Principal Scientist, NIBSC – MHRA and Robert Forbes, Professor of Clinical Pharmaceutics, University of Central Lancashire

WORKSHOP B | 13:30 – 17.00
Critical Assessment of Lyophilised Products Using Analytical, Visual and Mechanistic Approaches

Led by: Edmond Ekenlebie, Principal Scientist, and Andrew Bright, Senior Scientist, from Biopharma Process Systems Ltd

Take a look at the complete brochure online, and take advantage of the early-bird rates available!

Early-Bird Rates: