New Online Independent and Group Pharma Forecasting Training

Pharma Forecasting
22/09/2020 - 20/10/2021

Online Pharma Forecasting Training for Individuals or Groups is Now Available

Pharmaceutical forecasting can be challenging particularly during this time. Recognised as the pharmaceutical forecasting experts, J+D Forecasting has created several online pharma forecasting courses.

Following the success of J+D Forecasting’s face to face training, the content has been redesigned to make it suitable for an online audience.  There are two types of courses, type one is tailored to a clients objectives and delivered by a sharing platform like Microsoft Teams. Type 2 is a preset course that is completed when the learner chooses. The most popular independent courses are The Fundamentals of Forecasting and Oncology Forecasting.

The training is suitable for anyone involved in pharmaceutical forecasting who wishes to refresh or learn new skills. It is particularly useful for Forecasters, Marketeers, Analysts and Market Researchers.

In addition, trainees gain access to FC+ software, case studies and quizzes, plus reminder cards.

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