Microbiome Drug Development Boston 2018

20/06/2018 - 22/06/2018
The Seaport Hotel, Boston

Pioneering the Microbiome into Simply Effective Medicines

The Microbiome Drug Development Summit continues to be the industry leading forum that focuses exclusively on the development and commercialization of microbiome-based therapeutics; with case-studies from target discovery all the way through to clinical trial development, manufacturing and beyond.

  • Over 48+ Speakers From The Forefront Of Translational Microbiome Research:
    Learn, share and collaborate with organizations using novel drug modalities including Seres Therapeutics, Vedanta Biosciences, Rebiotix, Enterome Bioscience, Synlogic Therapeutics, Finch Group Therapeutics and many more.
  • Definitive Focus On End-To-End Microbiome-Based Drug Development:
    The agenda is carefully designed and structured from start to finish, so that the latest industry insight is integrated in the program in order to tackle the greatest challenges across the entire drug development protocol.
  • Discover & Identify Microbiome Therapeutics Across New Modalities:
    With case-studies on using approaches such as “Bugs as Drugs”, microbial derived bioactives and subtractive strategies, this is a great opportunity to get an up-to-date overview of the approaches being applied.
  • Overcome Regulatory Uncertainty:
    With the field still emerging, and regulatory frameworks still being established, learn from the FDA first hand as well unique insight from industry on defining novel regulatory pathways to standardize practice and clarify the route to market.
  • Design, Build & Execute Better Clinical Trials:
    As the microbiome industry accelerates to market approval, learn how companies are selecting accurate patient populations, dosing schedules and establishing clinical endpoints for safe and effective human trials.
  • Learn How To Scale Up With CMC/Manufacturing Considerations:
    Learn, first hand, how companies are scaling up through cutting-edge GMP formulation and manufacturing protocols when developing microbiome-based therapeutics for clinical trials in order to achieve stability, consistency and improved reliability.

View the full event guide to see all the agenda sessions and speaker faculty: http://bit.ly/2IGsU3I