9th Digital Pharma Europe

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The Digital Pharma Series in THE educational and networking choice for life science marketing innovators. The 9th Digital Pharma Europe conference will profile best-in-class case studies and senior-level discussions that will allow you to navigate the challenges involved in modernising your business model in order to better engage with a rapidly evolving customer base.

As digital health becomes a commoditised product, pharma is evolving from being a product based industry toward one that is one rooted in solutions. Business model disruption in pharma is now a necessary tool — and this is shifting the ownership model into a "healthcare as a service" approach. This new approach has a number of
implications for the pharma business model as we see it today, and raises important questions:

  • What is digital health today — is it moving away from just rep efficiencies?
  • How can we optimise the shift of the ownership model from pharma to the consumer?
  • What technologies are available to deliver the tipping point in this shift?
  • What does the relationship between digital healthcare and health outcomes as a service look like?

We will explore these questions and more with the help of our impressive, international speaking faculty of more than 35 senior-level experts representing nearly 30 different life science organisations. Here are just some of the experts you can expect to learn from and network with at this year's event:

  • Conor McKechnie, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Communications, GE HEALTHCARE AND LIFE SCIENCES, UK
  • John McCarthy, Vice President, Global Commercial Excellence, ASTRAZENENCA, UK
  • Tim White, Head of Customer Experience, TEVA, NETHERLANDS
  • Dustin Haines, Vice President of Marketing, VIIV HEALTHCARE, UK/USA
  • Gökhan Salmanoğlu, Director of Business Operations and Strategy, Chief of Staff for GCO Europe Vice President, PFIZER, TURKEY

Download the conference brochure to see the full agenda and be sure to reserve your seat today.

The entire Digital Pharma team, as well as our faculty of experts, look forward to welcoming you to the 9th Annual Digital Pharma Europe conference this 17-19 May at the Radisson Blu Edwardian Heathrow Hotel in London, UK. Due to our close proximity to numerous UK-based life science headquarters as well as Heathrow Airport, we are expecting our most diverse pharmaceutical and medical device executive mix to date — making this a must-attend event.

James Edwards

1 March, 2017