JP Morgan 2024 – Simon Arkell

JP Morgan 2024 – Simon Arkell interviewed by Jonah Comstock

Generative AI – large language models, or LLMs, like ChatGPT – has the potential to revolutionise almost any knowledge industry, and pharma is no exception. Unfortunately, there are many reasons for life sciences companies to be wary of off-the-shelf tech, from data privacy concerns to the risk of hallucination.

Outside JP Morgan 2024, editor-in-chief Jonah Comstock struck up a conversation with Simon Arkell, the CEO and co-founder of Ryght, a company that was founded last year in the midst of the ChatGPT boom to deal with these problems for pharma.

Since then, the company has secured a number of investors and customers, officially launching its purpose-build GenAI platform just before the conference. Arkell tells us all about the enormous potential for this technology in healthcare, how Ryght introduces the necessary guard rails, what the AI adoption curve looks like from where he’s sitting, and more.

Check out the video below for a very timely conversation about a brand new platform.