How AI can bolster each step of the clinical trial journey

pharmaphorum podcast episode 103

New technologies are bringing into effect rapid change across the pharma industry, but no other aspect of the business is seeing innovation at the scale and speed of the clinical trial space, which is simultaneously embracing decentralisation and the incredible potential of AI, all the while reckoning with the historic lack of diversity and representation in clinical trials.

In today's podcast, brought to you by Syneos Health, host Jonah Comstock is joined by Baba Shetty, president of technology and data solutions at Syneos Health, to talk about about how he and his team are leveraging the power of data and artificial intelligence to address these many changing dynamics.

Shetty discusses the heart of AI and what it enables, and how these capabilities apply to the clinical trial space. He also discusses how new forms of AI like large language models and generative AI will change the game – and where we are in the deployment of these technologies.

They discuss the potential for AI to improve everything about trials from speed to quality to patient outcomes, and the impact on the many decisions involved in the process, from the high strategic level to the tactical implementation. But Shetty also dives into the distinction between assistive and autonomous AI and the importance of keeping humans in the loop.

And, of course, how to create a holistic approach that takes diversity and equity into account up front.

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