Clinical to medical: Closed loop marketing and connectivity with Veeva

Veeva Systems' Chris Moore interview with Nicole Raleigh

Back at Veeva Commercial Summit in Madrid in November, web editor Nicole Raleigh had a chance to sit down with Veeva Systems’ President Europe, Chris Moore, and have an in-depth conversation on the trends ahead for 2024 and a deeper dive into AI – the veritable buzzword of 2023 – and its uses within biopharma: both the expectation and the hype, and from robotics through to analytics to Generative AI (GenAI).

Following on from their previous conversation at the Veeva R&D and Quality Summit, there is, undoubtedly, great opportunity within AI and machine learning (ML), but also risk for biased and incorrect training data for the technology. There are precautions to be taken, and there are steps that can be undertaken to ameliorate it, including importantly high-quality, harmonised data. And this is where Veeva comes in, Moore says, at the ‘grindy work’ stage.

With advancing technologies, there has arisen a renewed focus on an old problem, however: that of clean customer data. Indeed, clean, connected data with a common architecture across customers, patients, KOLs, and business operations will be a fundamental necessity going forwards. And biopharma has made significant and ongoing progress.

From personalised medicine, to closing the loop, to value for money, and having the right information at the right time – the interview, with its focus on the criticality of connectivity, should make for thought-provoking, full-answer viewing.