Artificial intelligence in pharma sales & marketing: practical opportunities for implementation


The buzz around AI can often be overwhelming, with little indication of how to separate wishful predictions from practical technologies that are available now. But there are already dozens of ways for pharma marketers to improve their work with AI. This infographic gives a rundown of the opportunities.     Terms used: Conversation interface – A platform that mimics a conversation with a real human. Machine learning – Machine learning teaches a computer to find functions – equations that work not only for the examples that it has, but for unknown ones in the future. Machine learning teaches a computer how to predict. Natural language generation –  A software process that transforms structured data into natural language. Natural language processing – A way for computers to analyse, understand and derive meaning from human language. NLP can be used in areas like adverse event detection, chatbots and text analysis. Robotic automation – Technology that allows anyone to configure software to emulate the actions of a human interacting with a digital system in order to execute a business process. See our Spotlight on AI and Pharma Marketing for more articles on this subject.