Powering the life sciences commercial engine with market access insights

Zephyr Health


Market access, the process that ensures all patients in need get rapid and sustained access to a brand, at the right price, is increasingly becoming a primary focus point for biopharma companies, from research and development to commercial teams.

Insights from market access can influence decisions at the very early stages of drug development and must become an integrated part of commercial launch excellence that prepares the brand for the market, and the market for the brand.

To better understand the changing dynamics between market access and more traditional commercial teams, pharmaphorum in partnership with Zephyr Health conducted a survey of industry leaders working in market access, medical affairs, marketing and sales roles to gauge how they intend to accelerate the commercial engine of the future. The results revealed:

  • The importance of market access insights is already recognised
  • There is a gap between intent and reality
  • Companies are already restructuring around market access
  • The right technology delivering insights can give you the upper hand over competitors

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