Meeting the needs of cancer patients and healthcare providers

Complex and evolving cancer treatment pathways require comprehensive and tailored support programmes. In the current edition of Deep Dive: Oncology, Peter Rutherford outlines why it is important to involve patients, and those supporting them throughout the disease journey, in their development, and offers steps to enable successful delivery.

Every diagnosis of cancer is life-changing news for patients and those close to them, requiring them to make decisions about their treatment, as well as coming to terms with the impact on their family, work and social life.

This is made even more complicated as the cancer treatment pathway is a complex and evolving one. New drugs, and new diagnostic biomarkers and tests, are being launched all the time, with some treatments given to specific patients but which may not be relevant to others with the same tumour site.

Traditionally, support programmes have focused on the needs of the patient or the prescribing physician. As the cancer treatment landscape is changing, however, an optimal approach will need to look at all the individuals involved in the treatment pathway, from the patients and their families to all the healthcare and administrative staff involved in their care.

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