Doctor networks: The rules of engagement for pharma

As online doctor networks have grown they have also developed their own rules around how members interact, what sort of information they are looking for and how they like to engage, meaning pharmaceutical companies must clearly understand these rules of engagement for successful digital interaction, explains in this exclusive white paper.

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Online doctor networks have seen unparalleled growth over the last ten years and this form of digital interaction is now a vital channel for information sharing both between physicians and with pharmaceutical companies. However, as these professional social networks have grown they have also evolved their own rules of engagement, which the pharmaceutical industry must understand for successful interaction.

This exclusive white paper from draws upon its long experience of working with doctors to build these networks, addressing:

• Where doctors like to engage with pharma

• What sort of information and content doctors are seeking online

• How to make content easy to consume for doctors

• Why it is important to encourage online discussion between doctors

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