Successful biopharma product launches depend upon market insights – driving competitive advantage through innovation

A major competitive advantage can be gained by companies that unlock the value hidden in the vast quantity of healthcare data available today – particularly that presented by real-world data.     

New technology now means pharma and medical device companies can extract meaningful, actionable insights from big data. This can be exploited for a variety of benefits – from providing a fuller understanding of specific markets and HCP influencers to arming the sales team with key information to make meetings more engaging and useful.

This white paper traces successful product launches to the level of maturity a Life Sciences company has reached around data sourcing and data integration – and ultimately to the better, smarter decisions that can be made when market insights from data can be dynamically captured. It looks at how to assess your current level of maturity and what the steps are to achieving a level of excellence in decision making which will be the difference between average and outstanding commercial outcomes.