Pharma brand strategy: Transforming lives with rich insight

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The mighty power of true insight lays in its ability to turn data into a brand strategy that will transform lives, spark innovation and lead to better return on investment.

Insight provides the catalyst for real innovation in pharma market research, driven by a clear understanding of a company’s stakeholders – be they healthcare professionals, patients, carers or its own employees.

Social media provides a crucial piece of the jigsaw that is pharmaceutical marketing, but it’s just one tool that underpins this process – there are also simple digital analytics tools that can take research to the next level.

In the latest issue of its Perspectives magazine, healthcare marketing agency Blue Latitude Health reveals the secret behind true pharma innovation – and how it’s not what you think. The Power of Insight also offers a treasure trove of practical tools, tips and advice for those in pharma marketing, including:

  • 7 tips for user testing
    User testing helps designers build a sustainable digital asset and ensures brand teams understand what the product or service feels like for users. Nilu Davies, gives her top tips for bridging the gap between a concept and an engaging customer experience.
  • The art of storytelling for brands
    Head of Insight Martine Leroy and Managing Consultant and Client Lead Jocelyn Coutinho give their top tips for creating a brand story, the first step in developing a successful brand.
  • How to change behaviours using customer journeys
    Blue Latitude Health Director and Head of Customer Experience Elisa del Galdo explains how she uses customer journeys to drive innovation and facilitate behaviour change.
  • A top tool for creating personalised campaigns
    Healthcare customers are calling for greater personalisation in care from providers. Blue Latitude’s Natasha Cowan looks at why personas are the top tool for ensuring your brand meets this need efficiently and effectively.

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Linda Banks

23 April, 2018