Maximising pharma launch success in challenging times

As the pharma industry becomes more reliant on new products to fill the gap left by the patent cliff, ensuring effective launch for novel treatments is critical. Here, CSD presents the results of its recent survey of pharma marketers exploring the challenges faced when planning for a new product launch and data sources that are most important in this process. The results highlight some common themes around market access and data integration.

In this exclusive white paper from Cegedim Strategic Data (CSD), we present the findings of a recent survey conducted with pharma marketers to understand the challenges they currently face around launching new pharma products.

Download this report to:

• Understand which aspects of new product launch present the most challenging areas.

• Assess which data sources are regarded as the most critical pre- and post-launch.

• Read expert commentary from those launching new products.

• Appreciate particular aspects of launch relating to the UK and the new NHS structure.

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