Big data in Life Sciences: the time for strategy is now

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The ability to extract insights from big data is quickly becoming a key factor for competitive advantage in every industry, and Life Sciences is no different. A new white paper from Zephyr Health explores how brands can effectively leverage big data in the commercial side of their business.

It’s several years since big data first hit the headlines, and while Life Sciences companies appear to have their R&D strategy in hand, the same cannot be said for integrating big data into commercial processes. However, alongside growing datasets and sources, providers have laid the groundwork for a big data infrastructure that frees brands to concentrate on the cultural shifts required to tap into the value big data can provide.

“Why Life Sciences brands need a big data strategy now” is a new Zephyr Health white paper, produced in partnership with pharmaphorum. In it, the authors explore the current levels of investment and performance in commercial big data, and outline a concise roadmap for Life Sciences to successfully implement an effective commercial strategy. Through a series of interviews and an extensive literature review, the white paper covers:

  • Current estimated levels of data investment and data volume
  • The key hurdles and challenges to implementing a commercial strategy, and how to overcome these
  • The five key steps to developing a big data strategy for brand leadership

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Craig Sharp

12 September, 2016