How pharma companies can uncover the insights hidden in their content

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From multichannel distribution to customer engagement to creative collaboration and beyond, the pharmaceutical industry is evolving the way it approaches promotional materials.

Producing content is no longer a problem for most companies. Some 93% of pharma companies now produce more content than they did just two years ago. This influx of promotional materials is changing the healthcare marketing landscape.

However, while quantity is less of a problem, quality remains a challenge. Life science companies need to be able to produce promotional assets that have more value for their stakeholders, and they need to be able to do so much faster than they have in the past.

Doing so requires pharma companies to develop a complete view of their promotional materials. One way of achieving this is through a digital supply chain, which brings together all pharma stakeholders from across the content development process.

Having input from marketers, operations, agencies, medical, legal, regulatory and the sales field force in one place provides pharmaceutical marketers with a valuable way to guide and refine their content marketing strategy and producing more relevant assets.

How to do all of this, and uncover the insights hidden in pharma company content, is the subject of a new eBook from Veeva.

This valuable resource will show pharmaceutical executives:

  • Why they need a digital supply chain
  • What the key components of a digital supply chain are
  • Which key metrics to consider at each step of the content journey
  • How to generate insights to better understand pharma content

For the forward-thinking pharma companies that already have a digital supply chain in place, Veeva’s new eBook offers some considerations on how to evolve and update their approach.

Veeva's Uncovering Your Content's Hidden Insights eBook can be downloaded here or by clicking on the button above or below.