Oncology treatment decisions aren’t just based on clinical data

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Once widely acknowledged as so special that only scientists and clinical specialists need to apply, oncology has become exponentially more clinically targeted and sophisticated over the last decade.

Yet how many other therapy areas have market leaders that don’t even have clinically approved indications within their field?

On Wednesday 19th January at 3pm GMT / 4pm CET / 10am EST, experts from Cerner Enviza and life science industry will debate the evolving importance marketing and science are playing in the treatment of oncology patients. The discussion will draw from recent research conducted with oncologists, industry leaders, scientists, behavioural scientists, and social media and semiotics experts The session will explore:

  • The rise and rise of immunotherapy
  • What is in the mind of an oncologist as they make treatment decisions
  • How oncologists make connections to brands
  • The success of branding in immuno-oncology
  • Keytruda - an anomaly or the new norm?
  • Mapping out how we do it in the future

After the discussion you will be able to download the white paper - Immunotherapies are the scientific answer to cancer, how important is marketing? It’s time we embraced the fact that oncologists are not only making treatment decisions based on clinical data. The white paper contains the research results used to power the webinar’s discussions.

Our panel

Mini Pinto, executive director, Global Market Research & Analytics, Oncology Franchise, Merck & Co., Inc. Mini is based in the company’s Global Headquarters in Kenilworth, NJ. Mini has led this function for the past 7 years and helped build one of the leading Oncology Insights departments in the industry. Their flagship brand, Keytruda is poised to becoming the number 1 pharma brand not only in oncology but in the pharma industry, overall.

Mini has over 25 years of experience in brand strategy across pharma, CPG both on the client side and market research agencies. She has lived and worked across Asia, Europe and currently, the US. She is an accomplished industry leader with a proven record of delivering analytics and insights to drive growth and impact decision making across the highest levels of the organization.

  Michael GaschlerMichael Gaschler, PhD, senior consultant, Oncology, Cerner Enviza Michael’s areas of expertise span the clinical and commercial aspects of oncology markets. Michael has extensive experience engaging with clinical development strategy, market trends, and real-world utilization patterns. Michael also has experience with commercial development of oncology assets, including revenue forecasting, brand strategy development, commercial analytics, and insights generation. Michael earned his Ph.D. in chemistry from Columbia University in the City of New York and a B.S. in integrative biology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  

Jeanette HODGSONJeanette Hodgson, global head of Qualitative Strategy, Cerner Enviza She has 25+ years’ experience of global, strategic market research and consultancy, mostly from a healthcare perspective but also from a consumer environment. She has a good understanding of marketing strategy. She also has business leadership experience and is a trained Master NLP practitioner.  

Mark SalesMark Sales, global director of Innovation, Commercial, Cerner Enviza Mark leads global innovation for the commercial function at Cerner Enviza. He has over 20 years of experience launching and working with ground breaking corporate and product brands on the pharma and agency side. Mark has a focus on bringing Real World Data through Cerner Enviza’s Electronic Health Records to commercial decision making.  

Paul TunnahDr Paul Tunnah, founder, pharmaphorum (Moderator) Paul founded pharmaphorum in 2009 and is a respected expert in healthcare social media and content-based engagement, as well as a frequent speaker on the conference circuit. He is now a guest editor for the publication.  

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