How synthetic control arms are changing clinical trials

Synthetic Control Arms

Clinical trials are involved, expensive, and have been done largely the same way for decades but with today’s technology all that can change.

With drawn-out timelines and billions in investments, traditional clinical trial methods are increasingly a barrier to cost-efficient and timely drug development. Synthetic data is addressing this head-on by harnessing historical clinical trials and real-world data to create simulation scenarios and optimise protocol design.

On Thursday 17th February at 2:30 pm GMT / 3:30 pm CET / 9:30 am EST join us as Sanjay Jaiswal, Accenture Life Sciences, and Joe Donahue, Acorn AI, discuss some unique challenges and opportunities that as partners, they are seeing in the market and how they’re helping organisations apply innovative approaches and improve results.

This webinar will also explore:

  • The FDA’s stance on synthetic control arms being used in clinical trials
  • How synthetic control arms reduce patient recruitment in clinical trials
  • Managing the ‘what if’ situations when using synthetic data

Read Accenture’s latest INTIENT Ecosystem blog about synthetic control arms in clinical trials here.

Our panel

 Sanjay JaiswalSanjay Jaiswal is a senior executive in Accenture’s R&D practice, focusing on Cloud-based Solutions, Life Sciences R&D Digital Transformation, Data and Technology Architecture & Analytics. He is a certified AWS Solution Architect. Sanjay holds an MD/PhD in Oncology/ Immunology from Northwestern University, Chicago.

DonahueJoe Donahue is a managing partner with Medidata’s Acorn AI business with more than thirty years of experience in global life sciences and technology companies, private equity and banking firms, and industry organisations. Prior to joining Medidata, his roles included managing director, global life sciences R&D with Accenture, senior vice president at BioReference Laboratories / GeneDx, senior vice president life sciences with Thomson Reuters Intellectual Property & Science, vice president of global life sciences with Spotfire, as well as several early-stage companies serving the life sciences informatics and analytics market.

Jonah ComstockModerator Jonah Comstock is editor in chief of pharmaphorum. A veteran digital health journalist, Jonah was an early hire at MobiHealthNews and most recently led editorial efforts at HIMSS Media.

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26 January, 2022