10 trends shaping pharma's future

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Some new technologies are starting to have an impact on health care already, while others will have greater influence later. Pharma needs to acknowledge and embrace the possibilities that they can bring, says Bertalan Mesko in his feature article in the latest edition of Deep Dive: Future Pharma.

The medical community is beginning to acknowledge the importance of digital health, he says, but it isn’t engaging or moving quickly enough to benefit from all it promises yet. The first step towards better engagement is to look at what new technologies are coming along to disrupt the industry.

Mesko believes artificial intelligence is set to revolutionise healthcare through mining medical records, designing treatment plans, speeding up medical imaging and even drug creation.

Among the latest innovations, he points to the development of virtual organs, whereby 'in silico' trials use a tailored computer simulation for the development, or regulatory evaluation, of a medicinal product, device, or intervention.

Similarly, he sees an increasing role for digestible sensors: tiny pills or gadgets combined with a sensor to track digestion and the absorption of drugs.

These are just a few of the disruptions realigning our approach to healthcare. Read more on the top trends bringing change to the pharma industry soon in his full article here.

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