Neurotechnology for tailored patient care

Specialist in innovative therapeutic bioelectronics, Nexeon, is developing advanced implantable medical devices which it hopes will treat hundreds of chronic conditions in the future. In Deep Dive: Future Pharma the company’s chairman and CEO Will Rosellini speaks to pharmaphorum’s Linda Banks about how neurostimulation and IoT are set to revolutionise healthcare with personalised monitoring and precision therapies in this pioneering area. 

The company focuses on electrically-active medical devices for neurological diseases that utilise advanced methods to activate tissue.

Rosellini believes that as these devices gain the capacity to deliver more precise therapy and measure the responses, enormous amounts will be learned about the body and each therapy will be able to be tailored to the patient.

Implanted devices are only just starting to be networked with the Internet of Things (IoT), but the opportunities to learn about disease and therapies look very promising, he says.

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