Highs and lows in regenerative medicine

In Deep Dive: Future Pharma, Shahzad Ali explains how developments in gene editing and screening technology are advancing this rapidly-evolving field, but cautions that the move from ‘gold standard’ cells to widespread clinical adoption will not be straightforward.

“To exploit the capabilities of stem cells for regenerative medicine and drug discovery we must be able to direct the differentiation, and promote the expansion of these cells in vitro efficiently, reproducibly and cost effectively,” he explains, going on to describe an innovative cell-based combinatorial screening technology for rapid and efficient identification of optimised protocols for cell expansion, cell differentiation, as well as the provision of human cells for use in drug discovery.

In the article, read more about the capacity of the technology to test thousands of combinations of cell culture variables simultaneously by miniaturising and multiplexing large numbers of stepwise cell culture experiments, increasing throughput by orders of magnitude, and the implications for this evolving field.

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