Health Innovators – Amy Abernethy and Jennifer Goldsack Part One

Views & Analysis

pharmaphorum Editor-in-Chief Jonah Comstock welcomes Amy Abernethy, president of Verily's Clinical Studies Platforms and Jennifer Goldsack, CEO of the Digital Medicine Society for the first half of a far-reaching discussion about how big data is transforming healthcare.

Healthcare innovators have been talking about being data-driven for a long time. But COVID helped us to turn a corner to real implementation of big data and data analysis across the healthcare ecosystem.

At the Digital Medicine Society, Jenn and her team help all kinds of healthcare stakeholders – including Verily – to become more data-driven, while also creating and documenting best practices in digital innovation.

In this episode of Health Innovators, Jonah, Jenn, and Amy take a look at some of the broad trends and biggest challenges of big data in healthcare and discuss how we got here and where we still need to go.

Check out part two next week when the same speakers get into the nitty gritty of particular examples. And check out the first series in our contributed collaboration with DiMe here.