Editor’s voice: January

Rebecca Aris


The start of 2012 has been unsurprisingly busy at pharmaphorum, as the company has expanded. This means that we’ll have more resources to increase the volume of good-quality content that we deliver to you throughout 2012. So there’s never been a better time than any to reach out to us with your content ideas if you’re keen to publish with us.

Firstly, let’s review the publication highlights from January. Some of my personal favourites were:-

• The first in our new Physician perspectives series in which Dr Mike Sevilla shared his thoughts on what social media offered him as a physician and how to increase physician involvement in social media.

• The launch of our Executive perspectives series in which we’ll be interviewing C-level executives to hear their thoughts. In our first interview we spoke with Mark Read, CEO of WPP’s digital division on his thoughts of pharma’s digital involvement.

• An interesting look at medical apps from Bluelight partners who addressed the issues of apps regulation and questioned when an app should be classed as a medical device. The three-part article addressed important considerations for app development, adhering to necessary regulations and in their third part a look at appropriate marketing of medical apps. The article provides a must-read piece for those considering app development.

• Our first Spotlight on… article which investigated the area of pituitary disorders. Each month we’ll be shining a spotlight on a different area and highlighting the current therapeutic options and the patients’ unmet needs in that space. This first piece was from the perspective of retired GP and pituitary patient himself Dr Mark Pharaoh who shared his opinion of what patients in this area really need.

“This means that we’ll have more resources to increase the volume of good-quality content that we deliver to you throughout 2012”

Careers advice from Gail Sampson, of recruitment and training company Knockbuckle Associates, who highlighted the importance of actively managing your career within the pharma industry.

• A closer look at the corporate blog site JNJBTW by Daniel Ghinn in his monthly Pharma gets social post. Daniel explores the effectiveness of the site

• Our latest Patient perspectives piece from vocal e-patient Dr Meredith Gould who, rather uniquely, has experience both of managing her disease and in working with pharma to produce communication materials around new treatments.

• A review of 2011’s medical apps in Michael Spitz’s first mHealth Monthly Mashup of the year.

• The final in the Rare is different series from Wendy White concluding the look into how parents and caregivers of rare disease patients can further aid diagnosis and receiving the correct treatment. This final article explores the business environment for developing rare disorder therapies and addresses the role patient communities can play in getting drugs for rare diseases approved and to market.

• An overview of the EU generics market in our interview with head of the R&amp,D department for generic product development at Genepharm, Deepak Murpani.

• The first of Tunnah’s musings of the year questioning whether biotech acquisitions drive long-term big pharma innovation.

• A delve into the outcomes of the latest health report from Quintiles. Jeffrey Spaeder looks at the role of patients, payers and physicians in the clinical development process.

From my perspective it’s great to see so many new series beginning this year and to feature so many fresh faces on the site. As, always we’re keen to hear your ideas of what should be featured so don’t hesitate to get in touch with your suggestions.

Following the vast array of content published in January, February is set to be just as exciting. Here’s a snapshot of what to expect next month:-

• The first in a new series looking into marketing for medical devices.

• An interview with mHealth expert Brian Edwards in our mHealth Monthly Mashup.

• An interview with Johan Geerink on the green issues faced by pharma and an insight into what Janssen are dong to ensure sustainability in their processes.

“…we’re even more keen to hear from you if you if you’d like to contribute…”

• The first in out monthly series providing a roundup of news for the past month from Ed Silverman of pharmalot.

• An interview with Cornelius Erbe of looking at the payer’s perspective with a German slant.

• An exploration of supply chain innovation in the latest Expert review article.

• Further pieces in our regular slots of Tunnah’s musings, Physician perspectives, Pharma gets social and Media perspectives.

• A view of R&amp,D ROI from Scott Vogelsberg.

• A spotlight on pancreatic cancer in out A spotlight on… series.

Further growth

It’s been exciting to see how we’ve grown in the time that I’ve been with pharmaphorum and from the three pieces a week we were publishing back in 2010 we’re now looking at publishing two pieces a day from March onwards. This means we’re even more keen to hear from you if you if you’d like to contribute as we have a lot more to deliver.

I’ll look forward to hearing from you with your ideas. Until next time, keep your ideas and feedback coming!

About the author:

Rebecca Aris is Managing Editor of pharmaphorum, the dynamic online information and discussion portal for the pharmaceutical industry. For queries she can be reached through the site contact form or via Twitter @Rebecca_Aris.

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