Editor’s voice – September 2011

Rebecca Aris


September has been another busy month for us as we continue to publish daily, keep the content varied and sneak out of the office to attend events when we can. Here’s an overview of what you may have missed this past month on pharmaphorum:-

• An abundance of familiar Social pharma faces sharing their view on all things digital within pharma. Most recently, we heard from Andrew Widger, Kai Gait and Len Starnes.

Omar Ali gave us an animated and expert walk-through of value-based pricing in his interview.

• Conference coverage from the Healthcare social media global camp (#hcsmgbc) meeting in the latest of ‘Tunnah’s musings’ and a report from the recent Strategic MedComms Forum 2011: Trust and Transparency – Myth and Reality.

“October will see articles of a much broader geographic nature with a look at pharma in different regions across the globe.”

• The first in our patient perspective series from Kathi Apostolidis offering advice to patients on managing healthcare and advice to pharma on how to better meet patient’s needs. Keep checking back for more epatient interviews soon!

• A sad farewell to some of our popular series. Rene van den Bos concluded his Enterprise 2.0 series, Paul Tunnah and Faisal Ahmed rounded up their ‘A beginner’s guide to digital pharma’ series and Jean Samuel wrapped up her series of articles with a look at data privacy and protection. We also saw the final part of Angela Dunn’s short series on socialising your conference.

• But a warm welcome to an ongoing series ‘pharma gets social’ by Daniel Ghinn of Creation healthcare, who will regularly be analysing pharma’s efforts at social media. This inaugural article discusses GlaxoSmithKline’s success with facebook.

• A glimpse of the potential for phase IV trials from two very different angles. Valentina Jaramillo highlighted the emergence of Latin America and its place in phase IV trials whilst Riccardo Perfetti of Sanofi talked us through the commercial role of these trials in his interview.

• A novel view of patient behaviour with our article on the metabolic mindset. This article suggests that patients with metabolic disease can be categorised into four behavioural groups that each need to be treated differently in terms of treatment regimens. Read this article by our new friends at MicroMass Communications to find out more and take their quiz to identify the behavioural mindset of your patients.

• Interesting insights in our latest interviews. Rick Morton discussed how we can deliver medicines of value in an age of cost containmentwhilst Elisabetta Verdun di Cantogno of Merck Serono shared her wealth of experience in improving patient adherence.

As always there is too much content to mention here so browse through our vastly accumulating catalogue of content and let us know what article types are your favourite.

What to expect in October

As Autumn draws in over here in the UK we’ll be making sure our content stream continues to keep you entertained on those dark nights. But as always, if you see anything missing from the content we have coming up that you’d like to see we’re always open to suggestions.

October will see articles of a much broader geographic nature with a look at pharma in different regions across the globe. From Australia we’ll hear about their off-label drug use and lessons they may be able to learn from the US. From India we’ll be hearing about their device market and how social media is on the rise over there. We’ll also be hearing a lesson on market access in China in an upcoming interview and last, but not least, we’ll also receive a view of the pharma market in Egypt.

“If you’re looking for more social pharma faces we have plenty lined up for you in the form of Denise Silber, Alex Butler and Andrew Spong…”

We’ll see more pieces from our regular series, Expert review, Social pharma faces, Ethical reflections, Rare is different, mHealth monthly mashup, Patient perspectives, Tunnah’s musings, our wonderfully illustrated piece from the Thoughtware group and Valentina Jaramillo’s regular look at the Latin American market. We’ll also be featuring more from our regular faces such as Chris Stevenson and Andree Bates.

And if you’re looking for more social pharma faces we have plenty lined up for you in the form of Denise Silber, Alex Butler and Andrew Spong – all delivering their own personal views of social media within pharma.

We’re also lucky enough to be featuring an insight to the generics generation and we’ll be taking a look at the global proteins therapeutic market. If that’s not enough, we also have a great interview lined up from Christopher Milne of Tufts Centre for the Study of Drug Development.

What else can we offer you?

We’re always working hard to enable us to offer you exclusive discounts so keep your eyes peeled on our events page and on the tweets we send out for discounted event tickets and promotions on reports. Currently we’re offering 30% off eyeforpharma’s Sales &amp, Marketing Excellence Latin America event to those who act fast (we have limited tickets at this great rate so grab one quick!). If you spot events that you’re keen to attend then let us know, we’ll see if we can negotiate a saving for you.

Until next time, keep reading, commenting and sending me your feedback!

About the author:

Rebecca Aris is Managing Editor of pharmaphorum, the dynamic online information and discussion portal for the pharmaceutical industry. For queries she can be reached through the site contact form or via Twitter @Rebecca_Aris.

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