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Deep Dive Market Access 2021

It’s fair to say this is the most interesting time ever for market access. Not only has COVID forced companies, governments and healthcare systems to work towards approving drugs and vaccines in record times, the sector is also facing an influx of digital therapeutics and advanced drugs that don’t fit neatly into existing access frameworks. We take a look at all these intersecting topics in this issue – with experts from across the industry sharing their advice on how companies can navigate these paradigm shifts.

Turning words into actions with patient engagement

Boehringer Ingelheim's Carinne Brouillon tells us how the company co-created its recent Global Patient Partnership Summit with patients.

“A long way to go” for digital health reimbursement

A recent analysis delves into the challenges companies face in getting digital health technologies reimbursed and presents recommendations for how they can find a smoother path to market.

Time for a NICE change

Leela Barham takes stock of the NICE Methods Review and what it could mean for the industry.

How will NICE fare in a post-Brexit world?

NICE has a global reputation as a pioneering HTA – but is that influence at risk now that the UK has left the EU? Experts from ICON give us their views on the past, present and future of NICE’s standing on the world stage.

AI meets RWE: The future of drug assessment?

Savana’s Dr Ignacio Medrano explains how natural language processing technology is opening up huge amounts of previously-inaccessible real-world evidence for pharma and regulators.

Research predicts the post-COVID landscape for HCP engagement

IQVIA’s Liz Murray takes us through the company’s latest research into HCPs’ attitudes to pharma engagement, and asks how pharma sales forces can adapt for future changes.

A year on: pandemic driven trends in HCP Engagement

IQVIA’s John Procter explores why the industry should be paying attention to the changing customer experience in the wake of COVID-19.

How the patient voice is becoming vital for drug approval

Rebecca Sanders from Lipodystrophy UK tells us how the patient voice helped convince NICE to approve a much-needed drug for this rare disease, and explores how regulators and pharma companies can help make patient involvement in HTA more impactful.

From representation to empowerment: Putting patients at the centre of medicine reimbursement  

Experts from Vynamic discuss their vision for a future where patients are at the heart of medicine reimbursement in Europe – and provide actionable steps for achieving this.

Rethinking access barriers to innovation

Market access issues don’t stop once a product has passed HTA – and this is especially true for disruptive therapies like ATMPs. Experts from Executive Insight discuss how a holistic, multi-stakeholder approach can help companies overcome access barriers at all stages.

How to improve payer engagement with tailored value communication

Value can mean different things to different payers. Cecilie Alstad, senior analyst at Research Partnership, discusses how an approach established in the world of marketing and commercial strategy could be the key to significantly improving pharma’s payer engagement.

Building honest dialogue with patient advocates

How can the industry listen to patients in a way that puts the person behind the disease first? Blogger Chris Aldred and Joe Delahunty from Ascensia discuss what the industry often gets wrong in its patient engagement.

Q&A: PTC Therapeutics’ Alberto Vicent on listening to the ultra-rare disease communities

Alberto Vicent, vice president and general manager Southern Europe of PTC Therapeutics, tells pharmaphorum why we need to view ultra-rare populations differently, so they can also access treatments.

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