Cutting through the noise for HCPs

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Cutting through the noise for HCPs

In a world producing more content than ever before, getting information to time-poor HCPs can be incredibly difficult – even if they want to find it. Ian Daley and Jonathan Macdonald from EPG Health tell us how pharma can take cues from digital publishing and companies like Amazon to make sure their messages get heard.

We’re a long way from the times when doctors would get most of their medical information from print journals and medical meetings. Even before COVID-19, physicians were becoming more and more digitally savvy, especially as millennials entered the workforce.

But this has not necessarily made pharma’s life easier. The industry still often struggles to deliver their messages to HCPs and engage with them effectively.

“One phrase I’ve heard is that ‘information is available for those who want it, not those who need it’,” says Ian Daley, chief digital officer at EPG Health, which publishes the medical website Medthority. “If you’re hell bent on finding information, you probably will, but you’ve got to know where to look for it and invest time in reaching it, whereas people who are busy need information quickly and on a device that works for them, but have trouble finding it.”

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