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The future of R&D innovation

The future of R&D innovation

Alexander Gray and Mike Rea from IDEA Pharma explain why the current pharma R&D model is broken, and how it’s hindering commercialisation for companies across the industry

Deep Dive Access and Commercialisation

Deep Dive: Access and Commercialisation

In this issue of Deep Dive we explore the ever present issues of market access and commercialisation, analysing recent changes in China, England and the US and asking how pharma can work with he

idea pharma strategy

Company profile: IDEA Pharma

We are in the most competitive period ever for the pharmaceutical industry, characterised by incremental innovation and looming patent cliffs – and path-to-market strategy firm IDEA Pharma


Brexit 'an opportunity for UK pharma'

Brexit will allow UK pharma to rid itself of the bureaucracy of Europe’s drug regulation system and a culture that is failing to nurture innovation, according to one independent thinker.