Company profile: IDEA Pharma

idea pharma strategy

We are in the most competitive period ever for the pharmaceutical industry, characterised by incremental innovation and looming patent cliffs – and path-to-market strategy firm IDEA Pharma believes the solution lies in the decisions companies make about an asset right from the very beginning of development.

Though IDEA began as a broader consultancy firm for the life sciences industry, it has sharpened its focus in recent years.

“That focus came about because when we took a look at where we are absolutely the best and what work we enjoy doing the most, it has been where we’ve helped people influence how they get to market successfully,” says the company’s CEO Mike Rea.

The company’s core work is in positioning products in their early phase so that they can do as well as possible in the market, and consulting on innovation in that space. IDEA has been involved with eight of the 15 biggest drug launches of the last three years – including Opdivo, the most successful oncology launch ever, and Ocrevus, which Roche claim as their best-ever launch.

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