Deep Dive: Access and Commercialisation

Deep Dive Access and Commercialisation

In this issue of Deep Dive we explore the ever present issues of market access and commercialisation, analysing recent changes in China, England and the US and asking how pharma can work with healthcare systems to ensure patients get the medicines they need.

Plus there’s a focus on new ways the industry can harness digital innovation. Read on for expert views from Research Partnership, ICON, Impetus Digital and IDEA Pharma, as well as interviews with Sandoz’s Andre Heeg, LEO Innovation Lab’s John Zibert and Janssen’s Kris Sterkens.

Developing with start-up DNA
Sandoz’s head of digital Andre Heeg spoke to us about how he uses his experience from start-ups to find new ways to harness digital.

China in the fast lane
Brett Gardiner and Boon Yap from Research Partnership discuss access opportunities for novel therapies in the world’s hottest emerging market.

NHS England gets commercial
Leela Barham considers NHS England’s role and influence when it comes to access to medicines and looks at what the Commercial Framework could include.

US healthcare reform scenarios: how might the current system be impacted?
ICON’s Pricing and Market Access team conducted interviews with formulary decision makers to analyse potential outcomes for US healthcare.

Time to fix pharma’s outdated business model
We spoke to Kris Sterkens, Janssen’s company group chairman EMEA, about the challenges facing big pharma and the increasing importance of engaging with patients.

The future of R&D innovation
Alexander Gray and Mike Rea from IDEA Pharma explain why the current pharma R&D model is broken, and how it’s hindering commercialisation across the industry.

Under the skin of innovation
We caught up with LEO Innovation Lab’s John Zibert to learn more about the philosophy behind the Lab and how he sees the future of digital in pharma.

How digital could transform stakeholder engagement
Natalie Yeadon from Impetus Digital on how asynchronous stakeholder engagement platforms can bring real transformation to the industry.

Bringing gene therapies to market
Doug Danison from bluebird bio on the obstacles, opportunities and required change in thinking needed to ensure patients have access to innovative personalised medicines.

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