Tell us: how fast is pharma innovating

Sales & Marketing

pharmaphorum is conducting some research into how pharmaceutical marketers are innovating amidst the increasing demands of engaging in a multichannel world.

The short, 3-minute survey, in association with Tag, asks how senior pharma industry executives allocate their marketing budget, which channels deserve greater investment and how internal marketing production processes could be improved.

The survey will also investigate how marketers can achieve time and cost efficiencies within their multichannel marketing to free up budget that can be invested elsewhere.

All responses to the survey are anonymous and it will offer senior industry executives early access to a copy of the final report, which will provide actionable insights on how to improve the efficiency of marketing operations.

To find out more and to begin the survey, please click on the button above or below or copy the URL into your browser address bar.

The survey encompasses today’s marketing channel mix – from print to digital to broadcast, and where senior marketing executives would like to have additional budget to spend.

It will also look at the management of creative ideation, marketing production, marketing programme success and how far customer experiences are personalised, with reference to AI/machine learning and current data protection laws, such as Europe’s GDPR.