Servier reveal how they are using data to empower their field force

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The French independent pharmaceutical Servier is putting data at the foundation of its customer relationship management strategy.

Sebastien Richard, CRM program manager at Servier, explains how he is partnering with Cognizant in using data and insights to empower the pharma company’s field forces in this video “Rep activity at Servier is evolving a lot,” he said. “We are moving from only face-to-face interaction to new ways of talking to healthcare professionals, like remote visits. This gives us a huge amount of data that we did not have before.”

The pharma company is providing their reps with real-time customer data directly available in their CRM to help them work more efficiently. Reps are saving a lot of time and have more informed and productive interactions by getting access to accurate HCPs profiles. “By providing them with reliable data we are empowering them because they are the actor in building their strategy. They have their insights, and can build their own agenda,” Sebastien said.

Servier, which covers five therapeutic areas – the main one being oncology, has nearly two years’ experience of the project. One of the key learnings has been the importance of data in CRM end-user experience and how reliable and efficient data can drive better CRM adoption and usage. Reps are capturing more information from their interactions and can close more calls the same day. Sebastien also shared that this has helped improving decision making based on more meaningful insights and ultimately enabled more impactful and personalized customer engagement.

The project has taken Servier from implementing a basic CRM model towards building a fully integrated multichannel platform.

Watch the video in full: Servier & Cognizant: The Veeva OpenData Experience

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