Pharma’s New Frontier

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Pharma’s New Frontier

MSLs are in prime position to build new structures of engagement as the pharma industry recalibrates after the disruptive force of the pandemic.

COVID-enforced changes are not going to simply bounce back into shape so organisations need new ways of connecting with HCPs and delivering scientific knowledge directly to their needs: step forward MSLs.

The scope of their role is growing along with their ability to influence. But, for many, wrapping a piece of science or data in a narrative that appeals to a single HCP or small group of them will be a departure. For some, it will be uncomfortable.

A new whitepaper Pharma’s New Frontier: How MSLs can lead the way through uncertain times crystallises the challenges and benefits of coaching this new generation of MSLs to fulfil their potential, enrich the business and help drive improved patient outcomes.

Becoming a more accomplished communicator takes time, investment and commitment and industry experts advocate for structured coaching to be enshrined in business plans.

But organisations still need to be bold in up-skilling their MSLs without compromising their scientific standing. The aim, and challenge,  is to help them bring their knowledge to life and relevance to varying audiences.

Coaching is regarded by some experts as vital to energising and empowering field medical operations to connect with key opinion leaders and HCPs, boost internal collaboration and efficiencies and enhance the bottom line and brand reputation.

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2 September, 2022