Lundbeck’s digital strategy and how they manage global and local content

Sales & Marketing

Like all large pharmaceutical companies, Lundbeck operates and manages many different digital marketing and information channels. The Danish firm understands the need for intelligent engagement with its healthcare stakeholders and has been optimising its content use and reuse across multiple channels.

Vicky Lalumiere, Lundbeck’s head of global digital platforms and analytics, has been working to streamline delivery and ensure visibility for content.

“Lundbeck’s digital strategy is looking at the different channels that we have and using one platform for all of our channels. This is essential for us at global HQ and our affiliates as well. Our idea is for co-creation of content and also localisation – so, reuse of content,” she said.

“We have to make it easy and effective for our affiliates. When we think of either reps or websites or social media, it all comes down to one platform and one way of driving our content.”

A key element to this was ensuring HQ was delivering content to its local affiliates in the most effective manner and that those affiliates were reusing and adopting that content.

The pharmaceutical company was already using the Vault platform with PromoMats for closed-loop marketing (CLM) and medical-legal review, so adopting Brand Portal made sense, Vicky explained. With this single platform to manage content, affiliates are now benefiting from greater insights into how effectively they are using and reusing content.

Looking at how Lundbeck’s digital strategy is evolving, and what this means for its use of content, Vicky sees an expansion of this approach into even more digital channels, including social media and chatbots.

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