Leveraging a strong product launch to build a successful pharma brand

Sales & Marketing
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So much effort goes into ensuring the successful launch of a new pharmaceutical product or indication, but it’s only once that has been achieved that the real work begins, says Align Strategy’s Christine Fletcher.

Introducing a new pharmaceutical brand is akin to asking someone to change their established habits, and first impressions of that treatment once it hits the market, is the crucial factor for determining whether new preferences will be adopted.

Consequently, gaining insight into those first impressions and responding to patient, caregiver, HCP, and key stakeholder feedback during the months following a successful product launch is vital to maintaining brand integrity and driving product uptake.

To achieve this there are all sorts of things that companies can do at the pre-launch stage to work with elements such as the available clinical data, assumptions about the competitive landscape and how payers and prescribers will react to a new brand. But launch really is the key moment, when real-time, real-world feedback starts to come online and the starting pistol is fired for implementing – and adapting – the prepared strategy.

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