A Life in a Day by The Method

Sales & Marketing

Patient centricity has become a key aspiration for the pharma industry over the last several years, but getting entire organisations to think and behave in a patient-centric way can be challenging. The Method is an innovative learning and development company delivering a ground-breaking programme designed to achieve tangible patient-centric results within pharma and healthcare

The Method’s flagship programme, A Life in a Day, provides immersive simulations that place participants into the shoes of a patient, allowing them to directly experience the physical, social and emotional challenges that patients face every day. Its power lies in its ability to measurably increase empathy, and has been proven to inspire lasting patient-centric thinking and activity.

“It’s through empathy that we are able to relate, understand and connect with each other,” says Mark Doyle, co-founder of The Method and creator of A Life in a Day. “By living the life of a patient in one day, it unlocks a deeper understanding of patients’ needs that can be used to build more meaningful patient-centric strategies across all business units.”

The Method is a British-based company founded by Doyle and his business partner, John Keates, in 2004. With a background in theatre and film, the two men harnessed their ability to create emotional connections with audiences, giving rise to professional development experiences unlike any other. A Life in a Day has been delivered globally to more than 4,000 people in 55 countries.

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