The smart-design evolution of the laboratory space

pharmaphorum podcast episode 109a

In this penultimate instalment of the five-part, festive series of the pharmaphorum podcast, host Nicole Raleigh speaks with Bobby Savarese, senior principal and business development director at Unispace Life Sciences, exploring how laboratory space requirements have changed since the pandemic.

With Unispace Life Sciences’ latest research report, Forefront, having revealed, in a post-pandemic timeframe, six areas of focus for top global pharmaceutical firms - the key foci being sustainability, equipment recapitalisation, and digitalisation – the conversation wanders around those trends and explores the primary goals of engineering teams.

Discussing, also, FutureLab and the reduction of space allocations, as well as the buzz around AI tech in the lab, the ultimate achievement aimed for is to accelerate the R&D project cycle - and quantum computing will be crucial for this end.

The evolution of the lab with smart design will increase efficiency, and social engagement, too, and will provide a collaborative collision course, if you will, for faster drug approval.

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