JP Morgan 2024 – Katherine Stueland

JP Morgan 2024 – Katherine Stueland and Jonah Comstock

Diagnostics can be a neglected part of the treatment paradigm, but it’s hugely important for connecting patients with the right treatments. And while the revolution in genetics has produced huge gains in therapeutics, it’s also vastly changed the world of diagnostics.

GeneDx spun out of the United States National Institutes of Health two decades ago with the mission of using genomic sequencing to diagnose as many patients as possible. Katherine Stueland, CEO of GeneDx, sat down at JP Morgan 2024 with pharmaphorum editor-in-chief Jonah Comstock to talk about how that mission has evolved in the intervening years and how GeneDx continues to work to make genomics the standard of care in diagnostics.

Stueland talks about how GeneDx works with pharma companies and the connection between genomics and gene therapy. She also discusses some of the different ways AI is changing how the company does its work. 

Finally, stay tuned for a chat about broader industry trends heard around the conference, some of Stueland’s thoughts about what’s coming this year, and a conversation about the patient experience in rare genetic disease and how robust, accessible diagnostics can help. You can check out the video below.