CRISPR-Based Therapy Analytical Development Summit

CRISPR-Based Therapy Analytical Development Summit

CRISPR-based therapies are undergoing a remarkable evolution, with drug developers striving to enhance the safety, precision and efficacy of their products. As this paradigm takes place, more complex CRISPR structures necessitate cutting-edge advancements in analytical methods and tools to effectively characterize the genome-edited products utilizing CRISPR technology.

As industry experts tread unchartered territory, the inaugural CRISPR-Based Therapy Analytical Development Summit has been convened, gathering more than 60 distinguished experts in analytical development devoted to the creation, refinements and implementation of more robust analytical tools specifically tailored to CRISPR-based constructs.

Within this intimate space, we will adopt a shared consensus and delve into a comprehensive array of analytical techniques central to any CRISPR-based toolkit. Topics of discussion will span pioneering technology that includes everything from novel methods to characterize the guide RNA and whole CRISPR complex, to the use of next-generation sequencing (NGS) to detect and assess off-targets for superior safety evaluations.

In response to the regulatory bodies’ insistence on high-quality data to substantiate the safety and efficacy of genome-edited products, this summit is imperative to all individual engaged in the development of analytical tools and methodologies utilizing CRISPR technology as we build for better guidance around CRISPR-edited products.

If your role centers around analytical expertise and gene edited specialization, this meeting will enable you to streamline your analytical development process and connect in a shared goal to deliver safer therapies, with superior therapeutic benefit to patients faster.

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