Creating healthier futures - Reuters Pharma Barcelona 2023

pharmaphorum podcast episode 84a

In this latest mini pharmaphorum podcast, web editor Nicole Raleigh spoke with Tommy Bramley, SVP of global consulting at Amerisource Bergen, whilst attending Reuters Pharma Barcelona.

Having relocated from Charlotte, North Carolina to London for his most recent role within the company, Bramley explains how Amerisource Bergen helps manufacturers on their commercialisation journey, working with them on stakeholder engagement, and assisting them with driving value and accelerating clinical development, thereby bringing innovations to patients faster.

A recent expansion move included this year’s January acquisition of PharmaLex, strengthening the company’s geographic reach. Now, Amerisource Bergen can help manufacturers in biopharma across major markets, given the strong strategic fit come from PharmaLex’s depth in regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance, and quality, and it broadens the company’s suite of services overall.

Noting that there’s no lack of challenges, Bramley goes through country level budget constraints, the potential of JCAs (joint clinical assessments), understanding the pressures from the Inflation Reduction Act, Germany’s SHI (statutory health insurance), and generally preparing for and delivering in the future. The conversation also touches upon the acceptance of RWE (real-world evidence) and synthetic control arms, and the desire to see convergence between regulatory and HTAs (health technology assessments).

With an overall atmosphere of ‘excitement’ to discussions, the debates and the highlights of the Reuters event itself naturally come up as well – and that’s not to forget Amerisource Bergen’s rebranding as Cencora later this year. Working to ‘create healthier futures’, the company really is at the heart of matters.

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