The backbone of breakthroughs: Insights into clinical trial supply management


Behind every successfully approved treatment lies a nexus of clinical research activities comprising myriad drug types, trial phases, and packaging needs across diverse geographical locations. Compared to the prestige of white coats and stethoscopes, the role of clinical trial supply is often overlooked in the history books of pharmaceutical research. However, without it, the journey of a treatment from petri dish to patient would grind to a halt.

Encompassing everything from planning, procurement, packaging, storage, and distribution of investigational therapeutics and materials needed to conduct research around the world, clinical trial supply management is not simply a logistical achievement; it is a necessity.

So, to learn more about navigating this evolving landscape, Deep Dive (virtually) sat down with Rocco Barone, senior vice president & head of clinical supplies management at Clinigen, to discuss challenges and opportunities to be found in the future of clinical trial supply.

Supplying demand: A race against time

Ensuring that the appropriate drug is delivered to the correct location at the right time is a mammoth task, with myriad moving pieces requiring meticulous planning and attention in order to operate seamlessly. For many companies, this is not a task that can be handled in-house, which is where clinical supply managers, such as Clinigen, enter the picture.

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