Accelerating the process, transforming therapies and advancing precision medicine

pharmaphorum podcast episode 120a

Next-generation technology is enabling drug discovery at an entirely new scale, accelerating the process, transforming therapies and advancing precision medicine, and resulting in better patient outcomes.

In this episode of the pharmaphorum podcast, host Nicole Raleigh speaks with Dr Mohit Jain, founder and CEO of Sapient, a biomarker discovery lab providing expert services and actionable insights to better personalise disease prediction, diagnostics, and therapies.

With a deep desire to be a physician from a young age, Jain discusses with passion his ‘wandering journey’ to today, interrogating human biology and physiology – the engineering of the body – and Sapient’s general work in next-gen bioanalytical tools.

From mass spectrometry systems to biocomputational expertise, and expansive human chemical databases to rapidly identify and translate new biomarkers of health, disease, and drug response - Jain explains how metabolites, lipids, and proteins can offer so much useful information for more efficacious drug development (and how nurture versus nature really is valid when it comes to health).

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