3rd In Vivo Cell Engineering & Gene Editing Summit

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This annual meeting is uniting C-level in vivo cell and gene developers from discovery, pre-clinical, and translational fields for 3 days of cutting-edge content, with insights shared by industry giants like Capstan Therapeutics, Editas Medicine, NanoCell Therapeutics, Carisma Therapeutics, Sanofi, and more!

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Amidst the surge of promising pre-clinical breakthroughs, there has never been a more pivotal time to attend the 3rd In Vivo Cell Engineering and Gene Editing Summit. Here, you can connect with your peers and engage in vital discussions around the suitability of animal models, administration methods, regulatory compliance, target specificity, efficacy, and off-site toxicities to streamline your decision-making and position your developments ahead of the curve.

Key Highlights:

  • Exploring data-driven case studies to outline decision making when selecting viral versus non-viral vectors
  • Clarifying regulatory expectations for this novel therapeutic approach to map out the future of your pipeline
  • Benchmarking appropriate preclinical models to support translation to gain valuable data needed by regulatory bodies
  • Outlining the considerations when scaling up towards the clinic to equip you with the tools to tackle bottlenecks
  • Emphasizing target specificity and the mitigation off-site toxicities to ensure safety is front of mind in development

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19 March, 2024