15th World Bispecific Summit 2024

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Radically Optimize Bi, Tri & Multispecific Antibodies to Enhance Target Discovery, Mechanistic Diversity & Clinical Translation to Maximize the Therapeutic Index & Enhance Combinations

As of 2023, more than 10 bispecific antibodies have been successfully approved by the FDA, and more than 100 are currently in clinical trials, highlighting biopharma’s continued investment within bispecific therapeutics.

As we look to the future of bispecific drugs and focus on novel formats and exploring new mechanisms to differentiate from the crowd, the 15th World Bispecific Summit continues to be the industry’s one-stop-shop for all your strategic needs within bi, tri or multi-specifics or even bispecific ADCs or BiTEs.

Dates: September 3-5, 2024

Location: The Royal Sonesta Boston, 40 Edwin H Land Blvd, Cambridge, MA 02142, United States

Event Program: https://ter.li/zhbnuk

Drug developers across discovery, preclinical and clinical development are joining forces once more to create an improved foothold in this exciting area of drug discovery and bring better and more efficacious bispecific drugs to patients across different disease indications.

Given the reach bispecific drugs can have, the hunt is on for novel targets that can transform the lives of patients, whether it’s new targets and combinations to improve the safety profile for haematological malignancies, overcoming the immunosuppressive microenvironment within solid tumors, or switching the immune system off in autoimmune disease.

Moving towards more personalized medicine, profiling bispecific candidates preclinically to ensure the developability has never been more important. Although time consuming, the benefits in the reduction of the risk and spend is huge in getting candidates into the clinic. Join this meeting to hear novel ideas and concepts, preclinical data, and clinical lessons to enhance the developability of your bispecific drug.

Download the agenda here: https://ter.li/zhbnuk

Register your place here (and take advantage of group discounts of up to 20% when sending your team of three or more!): https://ter.li/umm1gv

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