The user experience in your clinical trials: it really matters

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Everybody knows the current clinical trial model is broken. But it’s not technology that will fix it – it’s a mindset shift towards seeing clinical trials through the ‘user’s’ eyes. Duncan Arbour, Alex Brock and Marie Emms of Syneos Health explain how they are transforming recruitment and retention to pharmaphorum’s Linda Banks in the current edition of Deep Dive magazine.

Arbour, Senior Vice President Innovation, Europe at Syneos Health Communications, says Amazon's approach has to be adopted and embedded by pharma if it is to offer effective ‘lab to life’ solutions that are truly patient-centred.

As he points out, Amazon isn’t a tech company, but a customer-focused, customer-obsessed company: “In the same way, pharma should be patient obsessed. The technology is not an answer in itself – the technology presents an opportunity to deepen that patient obsession. It’s that simple.”

So how is the company using technology to support its own patient obsession and improve its processes to take compounds all the way from clinical development and on through post-marketing?

Marie Emms, Head of Patient Engagement, Site & Patient Access, explains: “For so many years we have done the tried and tested, but now we have the opportunity to go beyond finding patient populations, making them aware that a clinical trial exists and that they may be eligible, to actually seeing that patient and understanding behaviours, all the way through to post marketing and ensuring patient compliance following drug approval. That’s the bit that’s exciting to me.”

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Linda Banks

16 May, 2018