Sustainable innovation for patients, people, and planet

pharmaphorum podcast Episode 139a

Sustainability is all important for the planet and its people, and in today’s podcast web editor Nicole Raleigh speaks with Harriet Lewis, director of public affairs and communications at Chiesi UK & Ireland, about how partnerships between the NHS and pharma industry can support the journey to more sustainable practices, from R&D and drug reimbursement to medicines and recycling.

Patients, people, and planet – these are central foci for Chiesi, a very much family business big pharma, and Lewis discusses the company’s B Corp status and the drive for net zero and carbon footprint reductions generally in industry. Off-setting, though, is a short-term method; in the long-term, change to product manufacture and clinical trial design will need to change, too.

Innovation for the benefit of patients must be fit for purpose, but also fit for the future, after all.

There are significant challenges to be faced, and incentivisation for industry will be necessary, including governmental encouragement – like other industries incentivised for an accelerated rate of change. In parallel to such ambitions, Lewis discusses how VPAG, intended to be pro-innovation, doesn’t yet include ‘green innovation’ within that.

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